The Travellers

Hi! We're Nicole and Michael. We met in a bar about 6 years ago and this year, we've made the very irresponsible, completely crazy, or ridiculously awesome (depending on who you ask) decision to take an extended break from real life this year to travel around the world.

We're 30-something year-olds living in a happy, colorful apartment in Berlin, Germany. Michael works by day as PR Spokesman and in his free time is an avid hockey fan (Go Eisbären!) and hobby beer brewer. Nicole spends her days in the office of a linguistic software company and evenings training for triathlons or accidentally breaking things in the apartment. The decision to spend some time slow traveling was motivated primarily by a desire to see and experience much more of the world than we could in our annual 3-week vacations. Here's hoping we'll meet up with you somewhere along the way!


  1. Greetings fellow travelers! Looks like you made it out of Kiwi Country. :) Love your blog! Keep sharing your adventures, and we'll do the same. Don't forget to reach out for that Quito contact~